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Pink Tropical Rainforest Flowers

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The rain forest is known for its lush vegetation of tropical flowers, and pink is a common color thread that runs through these plants. Most tropical flowers must be in an environment of 65 to 70 degrees F or hotter and prefer humidity. A handful of popular pink flowers from the rain forest are regularly used in bouquets, dried as decor arrangements or incorporated into culinary dishes as garnishes.


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The hibiscus flower, also known as pua aloalo, has been the official flower of Hawaii since the 1980s; long before that it was honored by the Hawaiians as their unofficial flower. Besides pink, the hibiscus comes in white, red and orange. They grow wild along tropical beaches and are used everywhere, whether in wedding bouquets or hotel floral arrangements.


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One of the most common flowers in the rain forest, orchids come in more than 20,000 varieties. They grow not only from the jungle floor but on tree branches in the top of the canopy. They begin their life as seeds dropped by birds and other animals in the rain forest. Orchids grow with three petals and three sepals. Pink orchids range in shades from light pink to magenta.

Queen's Tears

Queen's tears are tropical flowers most common in South American rain forests. They have long, narrow pink stems with green and pink flower clusters. This flower has a growth system similar to the orchid, except that the leaves of this plant hold water.


The lokelani, otherwise known as Rosa damascena, is the official flower of Maui's rain forests. It is also called the pink cottage rose and has been documented on the Hawaiian Islands since the 1800s. The lokelani is the only non-native plant to be recognized as the official flower of any Hawaiian island. This flower is sometimes used to create leis.

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