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Keeping Birds Out of Flower Hanging Baskets

By Heather Vecchioni
Many birds create their nests in hanging baskets.
baby bird image by Dwight Davis from Fotolia.com

Birds nest just about anywhere — including hanging baskets — whether you want them to or not. A bird that nests in your hanging basket will likely destroy the plant inside, or at least cause serious damage to it. The bird will also likely defecate all over the basket and whatever lies underneath, such as your deck, porch or furniture. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can employ to keep birds out of your hanging baskets.

Place a rubber snake inside the basket. Wrap the snake around the bottoms of the flowers inside so that it looks as though the snake is nestled among the flowers. Cut the snake if needed to make it the right size for your basket. Birds are often afraid of snakes and avoid nesting near them.

Apply bird-repellent gel to the rim of the basket. Most birds dislike the way the tacky gel feels against their claws and avoid touching it. If a bird won’t step on the rim, it is not likely to go inside the basket to nest.

Stick a pinwheel toy in the soil inside the hanging basket. Most birds are scared of these sorts of devices and therefore stay away from them.

Insert bamboo skewers or bird spikes — which are designed to repel birds — into the soil inside the basket. The spikes take up space in the hanging basket, preventing the birds from nesting.


Things You Will Need

  • Rubber snake
  • Bird-repellent gel
  • Pinwheel
  • Bamboo skewers or bird spikes


  • Eliminate any water or food sources near the baskets to keep birds from coming near them. If food or water isn't available nearby, the birds are likely to look elsewhere to nest.
  • Bird spikes and repellent gel are often available in outdoor or home and garden stores.