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The Growth Rate of Emerald Green Thuja

By Caitlynn Lowe
The thuja has emerald green needles.
Thuja background image by Bartlomiej Nowak from Fotolia.com

The emerald green thuja, or emerald green arborvitae, has a pyramidal shape and small, scale-like leaves. The tree belongs to the evergreen family and works well as a hedge plant.

Growth Rate

The emerald green thuja grows at a slow to moderate rate once established, growing at a minimum amount of 6 inches to a maximum amount of 1 foot every year.

Mature Width and Height

A growing emerald green thuja will continue to grow at a standard rate until it reaches maturity. The smallest mature thuja reach heights of approximately 6 feet, while the largest mature thuja reach upwards of 15 feet. The width or spread of a mature thuja depends largely on the space given to it. Some only spread to 3 feet, while the widest sometimes spread up to 6 feet.

Growing Conditions

Emerald green thuja grow in full sun to part shade, but thrive in full sun. Moist, slightly acidic and well-drained soil works best for these trees. They need at least 3 feet between one another in order to grow at a strong rate.


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