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The Growth Rate of Emerald Green Thuja

Thuja background image by Bartlomiej Nowak from

The emerald green thuja, or emerald green arborvitae, has a pyramidal shape and small, scale-like leaves. The tree belongs to the evergreen family and works well as a hedge plant.

Growth Rate

The emerald green thuja grows at a slow to moderate rate once established, growing at a minimum amount of 6 inches to a maximum amount of 1 foot every year.

Mature Width and Height

A growing emerald green thuja will continue to grow at a standard rate until it reaches maturity. The smallest mature thuja reach heights of approximately 6 feet, while the largest mature thuja reach upwards of 15 feet. The width or spread of a mature thuja depends largely on the space given to it. Some only spread to 3 feet, while the widest sometimes spread up to 6 feet.

Growing Conditions

Emerald green thuja grow in full sun to part shade, but thrive in full sun. Moist, slightly acidic and well-drained soil works best for these trees. They need at least 3 feet between one another in order to grow at a strong rate.

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