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The Best Time to Plant Grass in Kansas

By Thomas Urbauer
Plant grass in the spring or fall in Kansas for best results.
grass image by Brett Bouwer from Fotolia.com

Common grasses in Kansas include bermuda, buffalo, zoysia and fescue, according to Kansas State University. The best time to plant grass depends on whether you are using seed, sod or plugs and the type of grass you plant.


Seeding works best when done in spring or fall, according to the University of Missouri Extension. Planting grass by sod or plugs can be done later in the season as these methods allow grass to develop a strong root system more quickly, before colder weather sets in.


Plant fescue between September and mid-October or in early spring from March to mid-April. Plant buffalo, bermuda and zoysia grass in the early summer. June works best for planting these warm-season grasses, although you may start as early as mid-May.


Preparing to plant grass takes several months, according to Kansas State University. Depending on the type of grass you plant, you must start preparing the site two to three months in advance, getting rid of weeds and grass, tilling the land and amending the soil.