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How to Store Pure Maple Syrup

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The production of maple syrup begins by tapping a maple tree, setting free the tree’s flow of sap. Boiling the clear sap reduces its water content and brings out the rich sweet favor and dark color of the maple syrup. When packaging maple syrup, it should be stored in a glass, plastic or tin container. Glass is the preferred container, as it maintains the syrup’s flavor indefinitely. Syrup will store in tin for about a year, yet the container can rust. Syrup stored in plastic has a shorter shelf life -- between three to six months.

Store any opened pure maple sugar in the refrigerator. Keep covered.

Keep the maple syrup for up to a year in its original container, if packaged in glass or tin. Keep for up to three months if packaged in plastic.

Discard the maple syrup if it has contains mold, even if it is a small amount on its surface.

Boric Acid And Maple Syrup Recipe For Ants

Although boric acid and borax are chemically different, both contain boron, and one is as good as the other when it comes to ant control. You can usually find one or both of them at the supermarket in the laundry section. Ants that are more omnivorous may not gather as readily, especially if there are other food sources nearby, but you can increase the attractiveness of the bait for those that prefer to eat greasy foods by adding vegetable oil or peanut butter to the mixture. Once you've made the bait solution, you can set it near ant trails in small open dishes, placing a paper towel in each dish and letting it hang over the edge. The towel will eventually become saturated, but even before it does, the ants can use it to climb in to the dish.


Freeze the maple syrup if you want to keep for a longer period, yet use immediately after thawing.

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