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Bissell Cleanview II Troubleshooting

By Kaye Wagner

Vacuuming your floor regularly is especially important if you have children or pets who spend a large amount of time on your floor. It can be difficult to regularly vacuum, however, if your vacuum is not working properly. If you have a Bissell Cleanview II, you can troubleshoot the problem on your own. Always check to see if your warranty is in effect and contact Bissell to repair your machine if it is.

Check to ensure that the power cord is plugged in and that the electrical breaker is not tripped if your vacuum doesn’t turn on.

Grab the quick-reach handle and push the hose wand firmly down into the suction opening if you notice that the vacuum is not picking up dirt. The quick-reach handle is on the right of the machine if you are behind it.

Unplug the machine and allow it to cool completely if the vacuum is still not picking up dirt. If this is the case, the vacuum might be clogged. There are several steps you can take to unclog it.

Slide the dirt container lock to the unlocked position. The dirt container is in the middle of the front of the machine. Pull out the container and empty it in the trash.

Turn the rim of the louvers to the left to unlock the louvres. Pull straight down to remove. Check the louvers for clogs. Remove any clogs with a long-handled brush or your fingers. The louvers are above the dirt container.

Twist the twist-and-snap hose to the left to unlock it. Pull it straight out and check for clogs. Remove any clogs with your fingers or a long-handled brush. The twist-and-snap hose is in the middle of the back of the machine.

Replace the twist-and-snap hose, the louvres and the dirt container after you've removed the clogs. Plug the machine in to see if it is working properly. Continue fixing it if you notice other issues.

Twist the height adjustment nut on the middle of the top of the machine if you notice that the machine is difficult to push. This will raise and lower the brush bar. Adjust it until it is easier to push.

Unplug the vacuum and let it cool completely if you notice that it is not picking up dirt or if it is spraying dirt. This could be because the filters are dirty.

Remove the dirt container as in Step 4. Twist the filter on the bottom of the dirt container counterclockwise to remove the filter. Twist the inner filter inside the outer filer to unlock and separate them.

Rinse each filter with warm water and dry them completely before reinstalling them in the machine.


Things You Will Need

  • Long-handled brush

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