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How Fast Do Redwoods Grow?

By Thomas Urbauer
Redwoods are an important part of the ecosystem.

Redwoods are large, long-living trees that grow quickly, according to the University of California Davis Arboretum. They grow in a limited area in northern California and southern Oregon, providing shade and protection for plants and wildlife in the area.

Annual Growth

Redwoods grow faster than almost any other tree in the world, obtaining 3 to 10 feet of growth per year. Most of this growth occurs in the first century of a redwood's life.


Redwoods reach a mature height of approximately 350 feet, making them the tallest trees in the world. They continue to grow into the second century when planted in a desirable location, according to Auburn University.


Redwoods are prized as lumber trees because of how quickly they grow, making them an ideal tree species for managed forests. They are also fire resistant and can sprout again from the stump when damaged.