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How Fast Do Silver Maple Trees Grow?

By Thomas Urbauer
Silver maple leaves turn a light greenish-yellow color in the fall.
maple image by Hubert from Fotolia.com

The silver maple tree displays green leaves with a silver tint to the underside that grow to a size of approximately 4 to 6 inches, according to the University of Alabama. It transplants well, growing quickly in wet locations and other places where you might have trouble growing other plants or trees.


The silver maple is a fast-growing tree, according to Iowa State University. This is defined as a tree that grows from an initial planting height of 10 feet to at least 25 feet or more within one decade.

Annual Growth

The silver maple often grows 3 feet or more every year, according to the University of Alabama. Beginning around the age of 11 years, the silver maple produces seeds annually of 1 to 3 inches in length.


The silver maple reaches a mature height between 60 and 80 feet, with a width of 40 to 60 feet, according to the University of Florida. These trees grow taller in moist locations and often have trunks between 5 and 6 feet in diameter in such an environment. They may live more than 130 years under ideal conditions, according to the University of Nebraska.