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How to Repair Concrete Dusting

By Aryeh Raphael

Concrete dusting refers to when a fine layer of concrete particles comes to the surface and creates a dusting of concrete powder. This can be a result of insufficient mixing of wet concrete, frozen application sites and other causes. If the dusting is left untreated, your concrete floors will eventually deteriorate and lose their integrity. Usually the dusting can be repaired easily so you can avoid having to rip out and reinstall your concrete floor.

Sweep the concrete with a brush to remove the current layer of dusting. Use a wet sponge to pick up the fine particles left behind by the brush.

Apply the first layer of floor hardener over the entire floor. Use a spreader to move the hardener to cover all of the concrete and a bull float to level the surface.

Pour a second layer on immediately after smoothing out the first. Spread and level this layer in the same way.

Let the first two coats dry and add the final, finishing coat. Use a raised steel trowel to give this coat a smooth, hard finish.


Things You Will Need

  • Brush
  • Sponge
  • Chemical floor hardener
  • Spreader
  • Bull float
  • Raised steel trowel

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