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How do I Replace a Vornado Blade?

Vornado air circulators are one way to circulate the air in a room for comfort. The small design operates like much larger fans. The blades on the Vornado Zippi model are not encased within a housing while the Classic does have a housing. You can only replace broken blades on the Classic model. Replacing blades is a matter of removing the grill to access the blade.

Turn off the Vornado and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. Locate the three support tabs securing the Vornado grill to the body of the fan.

Place masking tape over the tip of a flat-head screwdriver. The tape protects the finish of the fan when you pry the tabs with the screwdriver.

Position the flat-head screwdriver under the angle portion of the support tabs and pull the tab away from the fan body. Repeat for all three support tabs. Pull the grill away from the body with your fingers.

Grasp the blade on both ends and pull it straight off the motor shaft. Push the center of the new blade over the motor shaft. The blade only fits on the shaft one way.

Put the grill back over the front of the housing and press the support tabs down to secure the grill to the housing.


The blades for the Vornado Zippi model should not be removed except by an authorized service dealer. You can contact Vornado at 1-800-234-0604 for dealers and service near you, as well as for replacement blades.

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