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How to Trim a Purple Passion Plant

By Kathryn Hatter ; Updated September 21, 2017

While the goal of most gardening involves growing plants that will produce flowers and then fruits, gardeners who grow a purple passion plant may not desire this outcome. The vivid orange blossoms of a purple passion plant are strikingly attractive; however, the blooms emit an odor that many people find offensive. Give the fuzzy purple foliage of this unusual houseplant regular trimming to keep it growing within the boundaries you desire, and your purple passion plant should stay healthy and attractive for years.

Maintain the size you desire for your purple passion plant by cutting off the vines when they become too long. When allowed to grow at will, the vines of a purple passion plant may grow as long as 8 feet in length. Cut these vines back so they are all 3 feet or shorter in length.

Check over the entire plant, looking for vines that appear a dull purple color instead of a bright purple color. If you find these dull vines, remove them at the base of the plant with the pruning shears because they indicate older vines that are losing their vitality.

Pinch back the tips of the untrimmed vines with your fingers, removing the newest growth back to the point of the first leaf node. This pinching will encourage lateral, bushy growth in the purple passion plant.

Provide a generous watering of the purple passion plant immediately after you finish pruning it, saturating the soil evenly.


Things You Will Need

  • Pruning shears


  • Some gardeners prefer to clip off the blossoms to avoid the smell. If you find the smell distasteful and want to remove the blossoms, clip them off just beneath the blossoms with the pruning shears.

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