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How to Remove Stamped Concrete

By Lisa East Hunter
You will need a jackhammer to remove stamped concrete.

Stamped concrete is the same as regular concrete except that color has been added and a pattern has been imprinted in the surface so that the concrete resembles stone, brick or other decorative material. Removing stamped concrete is done the same way regular concrete is removed. You can tackle this task yourself as long as you are fit and able to handle heavy equipment. Rent a jackhammer from a home improvement center to help you with the job.

Plug in the jackhammer and squeeze the handle to turn it on. Start about 12 inches from the edge of the stamped concrete. Drive the jackhammer into the concrete. Hold the jackhammer firmly but do not force it into the ground. Let the machine do the work. Break all the way through to the ground. Release the handles to turn off the machine.

Maneuver the tip of the jackhammer and work it under the concrete at an angle. Pry the concrete out of the ground with the tip of the jackhammer to loosen it from the rest of the pad.

Move over 12 inches and repeat the process. Continue across the stamped concrete pad until you have loosened 3 to 4 square feet of concrete. Remove the debris and discard. Continue working in 3- to 4-square-foot areas around the pad until you have removed all of the concrete.

Shovel all small, loose pieces of concrete into a wheelbarrow and discard -- or reuse or recycle it.


Things You Will Need

  • Jackhammer
  • Shovel
  • Sledgehammer
  • Pick


  • If the area you are working on is large, rent a Dumpster from a waste management company. The company will deliver and pick up the Dumpster and save you a trip to the dump or concrete recycling center.


  • Be sure to wear safety gear at all times when using a jackhammer: steel-toed boots, work gloves, goggles and protective ear muffs at a minimum. A face mask can help protect your longs from fine particles and dust.

About the Author


Lisa East Hunter is a consultant and freelance writer in Phoenix. Her background in marketing and technology led her to explore all avenues of writing. She is currently dividing her time between freelance writing and her consulting business. Hunter has a Bachelor of Science in management information systems and marketing.