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Problems With John Deere Riding Mowers

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John Deere mowers have a reputation of being very high quality. Even top-quality items come with problems, however. Besides their hefty price tag, John Deere mowers occasionally experience difficulty climbing hills. Additionally, the company has faced a few safety recalls recently for faulty mowers. If you are in the market for a mower, be sure to thoroughly research the model you intend to buy to ensure it comes with a good warranty and comes recommended by current owners.


John Deere is considered one of the top manufacturers of lawn mowers. Therefore, one of the biggest problems with John Deere mowers is their price. While competitors regularly sell mowers for $1,500 and under, John Deere mowers typically start in the $3,000 range. If you are looking for a cheap mower, you may want to consider other brands.

Low-Quality Models

While John Deere has a reputation for producing very high-quality lawn mowers, they have recently produced low-priced (and consequently, low-quality) models specifically for big box stores, like Home Depot and Lowe’s. Many consumers purchase these mowers because of the John Deere name and the bargain basement price, but are disappointed at the poor quality. It is important to remember that you get what you pay for. Top quality John Deere mowers sell for thousands of dollars, so beware of cheaper models.

Safety Issues

Like most big consumer companies, John Deere has had its fair share of safety recalls. In 2009, Deere & Company recalled its 3032E and 3038E Series Compact Utility Tractors due to a brake problem. Consumers reported that the tractors often veered left when the brake was applied, creating a serious safety hazard. Before purchasing any mower, it is wise to check the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website for any recalls.


While most John Deere customers like the quality and durability of their mowers, some report that their mowers have a short life. Consumer Affairs provides a forum for customers to offer feedback about John Deere mowers. Some owners say that their lawn-mower transmission died after less than 200 hours of mowing. Others said that parts needed to be replaced within the first two years. Check the warranty on the mower before purchasing.

Difficulty on Hills

Some John Deere owners also reported that their ride-on mowers had difficulty climbing steep hills. Though some hills are simply too steep to attempt with a mower, some owners complained that their John Deeres could not even climb relatively small hills.

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