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How Long to Wait Before Planting After Spraying With Roundup?

Roundup is one of the most recognizable brand names in herbicide. This broad spectrum product kills actively growing grass and weeds when sprayed on the foliage. Care must be taken when using Roundup to avoid killing other plants.

Ornamental Flowers, Trees and Shrubs

After applying Roundup Weed & Grass Killer to a planting bed or area of lawn, it is best to wait at least one full day before planting any ornamental flowers, trees or shrubs.

Other Plants

According to the Scotts Company, which manufactures Roundup, consumers should wait at least three days after application to plant, including lawn grasses, fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Read Product Labels

Since there are multiple formulations of varying strengths sold under the Roundup brand name, it's important for consumers to read the product label for their particular herbicide. Suggested wait times may vary with different formulas.

Planting Grass After Roundup

Roundup was introduced as a wide-spectrum systemic herbicide that would be safe to use and not persist in soil. How you use Roundup – and how often you use it – determines when you can re-seed the treated area. Because glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide, users must take care to avoid overspraying target plants. Using the product on windy days can damage adjoining plants, often in irregular patterns. Some Roundup products contain a pre-emergent herbicide, diquat, in addition to glyphosate and will retard growth of any seed for up to four months, making immediate re-seeding impossible. Give the plants a full 48 hours to die so no viable roots remain, then dig the dead weeds and cultivate and water the area well. Wait at least until the next, or third, day to put down new seed.

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