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How to Buy Individual Flowers

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Buying individual flowers for a date, decor or simply to brighten your day can sometimes be less cost-effective than purchasing and splitting up a bouquet. Compare prices across a variety of suppliers and purchase types to determine the best avenue for you.

Buying From a Florist

Compare prices of individual flowers at your local florists. Different florists may have different suppliers, changing their prices because of their wholesale costs. If there are multiple florists in your neighborhood they may have competitive rates or specials. Talk to the manager or owner to see if they can sell you an individual blossom instead of a bouquet, and how much they charge per flower.

Buying From a Grocer

Check your local markets. Grocery stores, particularly chain stores and superstores, often have a floral section, albeit a limited one. While the prices may be lower than florists' prices, the quality may also be lower. You may also have a limited selection, whereas a florist will be able to offer a variety because they specialize in flowers.

Buying From a Nursery

Check local nurseries, horticulture centers and gardening clubs. School horticulture programs, a neighborhood flower society or a locally-owned nursery can all provide individual flowers, and are often willing to direct you to someone who can help if they are unable to meet your flower needs. University horticulture programs are also a valuable resource.

Buying Online

Order flowers online. While not particularly cost-effective, it remains an option. Be conscientious of delivery fees, shipping costs and transit time, as well as the reviews of the floral supplier. Remember that longer transit times means more wilted flowers. These factors determine the ultimate value of an online purchase and can help you decide if online ordering is the best choice.

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