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What Are the Advantages of Metal Frame Pools Over the Easy Set Pool?

A swimming-belt in a swimming-pool. image by Saskia Massink from

Putting a pool in your back yard allows your family to vacation at home all summer long, but having an in-ground pool professionally installed is beyond the budget of many homeowners. Both metal frame pools and inflatable Easy Set pools provide a cheaper alternative, but it is important to examine their relative advantages and disadvantages before making a decision.

Sturdier Construction

Easy Set pools are made entirely of plastic, and thus they tend not to be as sturdy as metal frame pools. The stability of the metal frame pool makes it less likely to sag to one side or spill water over the sides, as long as it is sitting on level ground. This increased stability can also make a metal frame pool safer, although adult supervision is always critical when children are in the pool.

Less Maintenance

Metal frame pools typically require less ongoing maintenance than inflatable Easy Set pools. Once the metal panels are locked in place, the need for ongoing maintenance is very light, other than the normal chore of checking and changing the pool filters. Easy Set pools, on the other hand, rely on an inflatable ring to keep the pool upright, and changes in temperature and humidity can affect the amount of air in the ring. Many Easy Set pool owner find that they need to keep an air compressor nearby and fill up the ring at least once a week to keep the pool stable.

Fewer Leaks

One of the biggest disadvantages of an inflatable pool like the Easy Set is that over time the inflatable ring at the top of the pool loses air. If pool owners fail to notice the loss of air, the ring can completely deflate, and when it does the pool begins to sag and lean to one side. Once the pool begins to lean, the water inside can quickly leak out, causing a flooded yard, and, depending on the position of the pool relative to the house, a flooded basement as well. This can be a particular problem when homeowners go away on vacation and leave the pool inflated and filled with water. A metal frame pool does not rely on an inflatable ring for stability, so there is less chance the pool will spring a catastrophic leak of this nature.

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