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How to Get Rid of Bees in a Fountain

By Heather Vecchioni ; Updated July 21, 2017
Bees can ruin a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere in a hurry.
2 bees image by KopRio from Fotolia.com

When you imagine a sparkling, relaxing fountain, probably the last thing you want to think about is bees living inside. Unfortunately, bees tend to build their hives around water since it helps with reproduction. Water fountains often make the perfect spot for hives—they are quiet, remote and as close as you can get to water. They are a nuisance and potentially dangerous, however, and need to be dealt with. Fortunately, there are ways to get the bees out of your fountain.

Drain the fountain. Eliminating the water source will likely cause the bees to look for another location to build their hive. Removing the water will also make the hive more exposed and easy to see, which may cause the bees to leave, as well. After a week or two, the bees should move and you can refill the fountain.

Add vinegar to the water in the fountain. The vinegar will taste unpleasant to the bees, which will likely cause them to seek out another water source. Only add vinegar to the water if aquatic creatures—such as fish—are not present. Pour just enough in to notice the scent. Once the bees are gone, either drain the vinegar water and refill the fountain or leave the vinegar in the water—it may prevent bees from inhabiting the fountain again.

Spray a bee repellent on the hive. Bee repellents can be purchased at hardware or home improvement stores and often come with applicator tubes so that you can apply the product from a distance to prevent getting stung. Always wear protective gear when applying the repellent. Follow the application directions on the label.