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How to Connect the Pool Vacuum Hose to the Pump

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If you've ever had problems maintaining suction while vacuuming your pool you are not alone. Problems usually occur when the vacuum hose is connected to the pump while there is still air in the hose. This drastically reduces the pump's ability to maintain suction. Properly flushing out all of the air (priming) from the vacuum hose, while using tight connections from the vacuum head (brush end) to the pool pump, will allow you to vacuum your pool more effectively with adequate suction.

Before starting, make sure that your pool water level is slightly higher than normal (at least 75 percent of the skimmer opening submerged). If your pool has more than one skimmer, close the valve(s) to all but one skimmer, the one closest to your pump.

Turn on the pool pump and enter the pool with your vacuum hose, vacuum head on pole and vacuum plate. The vacuum plate is also referred to as a "skim-vac" or "skimmer plate adapter." It connects the vacuum hose with the pool pump by attaching to the skimmer (see Resources section to see common versions of a vacuum plates).

Connect vacuum hose to the vacuum cleaning head. The vacuum head is brush-like and is attached to a long pole.

Submerge the vacuum head under water between one of the pool ladder steps to make sure it doesn't float to the pool surface.

Prime the vacuum hose. Starting with the hose attached to the vacuum head, push the pool hose straight down into the water until you reach the other end of the hose. Keep this end submerged while walking towards the skimmer.

Connect the vacuum hose to the vacuum plate. Make sure that you tightly connect the hose end to the vacuum plate while keeping both parts submerged under water.

Remove the movable skimmer door so that you will have easier access to the pool pump. The pool pump takes water in through the skimmer where debris is trapped in the skimmer basket.

Fit the vacuum plate already attached to the hose through the skimmer door opening and lower it slowly, ensuring that the vacuum plate fully covers the skimmer basket porthole. The suction from the pump will pull the vacuum plate over the hole with force, connecting the vacuum hose to the pump.


Make sure that you are using the original vacuum hose and plate that came with your initial pool purchase. Vacuum hoses and pool pump attachments may vary depending on the manufacturer. Don't mix and match.

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