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Homemade Lawn Dye

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A healthy green lawn is the basis of a beautiful yard. However, lawns do not always grow in the bright green colors that we see in magazines and on TV. In addition to the soil in which they grow, lawns often need additional nutrients to grow to their full color potential. The healthier a lawn is the greener it will be. Fertilizer provides your lawn with the overall range of nutrients it needs to thrive. Epsom salt provides it with extra magnesium and sulfate to help it grow naturally greener. Lastly, green food coloring gives the plant that extra boost of color.

Lawn Dye

Combine the plant fertilizer and Epsom salt together in the 5 gallon bucket.

Mix the fertilizer and the Epsom salt thoroughly using the paint stirring stick.

Pour the 1/4 cup of liquid green food coloring into the mixture. Do not dump the food coloring all in one spot, instead drizzle it over the surface of the mixture.

Use the paint stirring stick to mix the green food coloring into the mixture. Continue stirring until the entire mixture is tinted green.

Spread the lawn dye over the lawn evenly right before a light watering. The 5 pounds of lawn dye will cover 1,000 square feet of lawn.

Repeat the process once every four to six weeks for a bright green lawn.


The healthier a lawn is, the greener it will grow. Be sure to provide your lawn with adequate water.


Choose a fertilizer that is safe for animals; some fertilizers can kill wildlife and pets.

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