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How to Use Tide for Roof Moss

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Moss is often found on surfaces or in areas that are high in moisture with very little exposure to sunlight. Roofs that are heavily shaded for most of the day are prime targets for moss growth, along with decks and walkways. Tide laundry detergent, when applied to moss, acts quickly to dry out and kill moss, but this is likely a temporary fix. Long-term moss control relies on changing the affected area to make it inhospitable for moss.

Sprinkle Tide laundry detergent directly onto the moss. Use enough to cover the moss with an thin, even layer of Tide.

Mist the Tide with water using a water bottle. Moisten the Tide just enough to dampen it, but not wash it away.

Wait 15 minutes after misting the Tide. The moss will turn a light green or yellow color. This will indicate the treatment is working.

Wash the Tide away with a garden hose. Rinse the mossy areas thoroughly to ensure that all the Tide is removed from the roof.

Remove Moss From A Roof With Detergent

Powdered dishwasher or laundry detergent kills moss with minimal effort and damage to the environment. Sprinkle the detergent on the moss, let it sit for three to four days, and then sweep the dead moss off of the roof. These are generally sprayed on and the moss scrubbed away. These detergents can harm the environment if they contain zinc sulfate.


Exposing the mossy areas to more sunlight is a natural way of reducing moss on a roof. If possible, prune overhanging branches to expose the affected areas to more sunlight.


Do not allow the Tide to sit on the roof for more than 15 minutes. Prolonged exposure to Tide can damage the roof.

If using a ladder to gain access to your roof, ensure the ladder is placed on a level surface and is placed at a safe angle.

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