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How to Get Rid of Annoying Birds in the Yard

By Brittany Tucker
Annoying birds, such as the woodpecker, can wreak havoc on your home and yard.
Great Spotted Woodpecker,dendrocopos major image by shenk1 from Fotolia.com

Annoying birds, such as mockingbirds, sparrows and woodpeckers, can wreak havoc on your yard, other birds and people with their possessive, territorial nature and aggressive behavior. If not removed from your yard in a timely manner, annoying birds can destroy your sanity with their incessant squabbles with other birds and noise-making at all hours of the day. Ridding your yard of annoying birds, with the use of live traps, is a must if you don't want to share your yard with the pests.

Place the live traps near birdfeeders, in trees and in areas where you’ve witnessed the annoying birds most active.

Bait the trap with peanut butter. Sprinkle bird seed onto the peanut butter to help lure the annoying birds inside.

Check the live traps multiple times each day, especially at dawn when birds are most active.

Take the captured birds to your veterinarian or humane society to be euthanized. The Iowa Cooperative Extension Service recommends destroying the annoying birds caught in the trap in a humane manner.

Place decoy owls on your roof and in a few trees to frighten or scare other annoying birds from entering your yard.

Remove all food and water sources from your yard. The Iowa Cooperative Extension Service recommends eliminating or controlling the annoying birds' access to your yard by choosing plants that do not produce edible nuts, fruits, and berries, or by changing the type of food offered in bird feeders.


Things You Will Need

  • Live traps
  • Bird seed
  • Peanut butter
  • Decoy owls


  • Move the decoy owls on a regular basis to prevent the birds from realizing it's fake.
  • If you happen to catch a non-annoying bird in the live trap, promptly release it back into the wild and reset and re-bait the trap until you've trapped the annoying bird.


  • Placing decoy owls in your yard to scare the annoying birds from your yard may also frighten other friendly birds from your yard as well.
  • Some birds that you may find annoying, such as woodpeckers or mockingbirds, are protected by state and federal laws. You must safely release them away from your property instead of having them euthanized.

About the Author


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