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How to Change the Blade on a Yard Machine Lawn Tractor

Broken or dull blades tear up your grass. This not only makes your lawn look bad, it also invites disease and pests. Changing the blades on a Yard Machine lawn tractor is a straight forward process. Unlike many mowers that use blade adapters, the Yard Machine lawn tractor uses a blade that fits directly around a spindle, so you don't need to remove the deck of the lawn mower to change the blades. Replacement blades are available at home improvement centers.

Park your Yard Machine lawn tractor on a level surface. Raise the deck to the highest position with the deck lever. Set the parking brake and remove the ignition key. Open the hood of the mower and pull the spark plug wire off the spark plug.

Don heavy leather work gloves. Wedge the 2x4 between one end of a blade and the side of the mower deck. Hold the blade between the end and the center with one hand, and use a socket wrench to remove the center retaining bolt with your other hand. Pull the blade off the spindle. Repeat the process for the second blade.

Take one blade to your local home improvement store to get replacement blades, which must be purchased in a set. This ensures that the two replacement blades are the same length as the existing ones.

Place the first blade on one of the blade spindles under the deck, with the lettering on the blade facing the ground. The center hole on the blade and the spindle have a star shape. Maneuver the blade as necessary until the spindle fits through the blade, and the blade is flush against the spindle.

Thread the retaining bolt through the blade and the spindle. Tighten the retaining bolt with the socket wrench. Install the second blade on the remaining spindle in the same manner. Push the spark plug wire back over the spark plug and close the hood of the mower.

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