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Meaning of Gerbera Daisy Colors


Sending someone flowers is a thoughtful gesture, but it's one that can get you into trouble if you're not careful. Gerbera daisies are the fifth most popular flower in the world. Their large, colorful blooms look like miniature sunflowers and are the perfect way to lift someone's spirits and add some cheer to a space. You'll want to tread carefully, however, when choosing a color. Red flowers, for example, symbolize passion and love. They may not be the best choice when sending a get-well bouquet to your boss or your best friend's wife. Know what colors symbolize, so you can make the right impression and say what you mean.


Vibrant and rich, red is the color of passion and romantic love. Typically associated with red roses, red is a love symbol in any flower variety, including carnations and gerbera daisies. Red daisies are a great choice for your spouse or significant other but are best reserved for that person alone.


Pink gerbera daisies can show admiration, sympathy and grace. Light pinks are typically associated with get well soon messages or used as a thank you when someone engages in an admirable and appreciated act. Darker shades of pink can sometimes express gratitude but may also express sympathy or concern. Although red is typically the color of romance, pink daisies sometimes symbolize love in a more playful, flirty or spontaneous way.


Bright and cheerful, it's hard to mistake the meaning of orange gerbera daisies for anything but a warm and cheery message. Appropriate for both close and new friends, orange daisies represent friendships, and the warmth, joy and happiness they bring into your life. Giving orange flowers is like giving the gift of sunshine, enthusiasm and energy to the recipient, and they're an excellent pick-me-up.


Like orange daisies, yellow gerberas represent friendship. They do so in a slightly different way, however. Yellow flowers represent and celebrate the trust, compassion and respect that friends share. While orange celebrates the warmth of new and old friends, yellow is more appropriate for close friends whose bond extends beyond the more bubbly aspects of interaction. You may, for example, send yellow gerberas when you want to support a friend during a difficult time and remind her that you are there for her in a meaningful and compassionate way. Yellow daisies can also represent appreciation in the workplace.


Purple gerbera daisies have an almost mystical quality to them. Elegant and proud, these daisies are best for others you feel share their traits. Purple flowers are a way of telling the recipient that you find them refined, graceful, alluring and charming in some way. Like red and pink flowers, purple daisies sometimes indicate a romantic interest or fascination.


Innocent, pure and perfect, white gerbera daisies are a lovely gesture when sent from parents to their children. They represent a pure love and are good for weddings as well. The gift of white gerbera daisies tells the recipient that you find them pure of heart, thoughtful and loyal.


Although different flower colors have different meanings, gerbera daisies overall are bright and cheery flowers that send an uplifting message of happiness. They're merry, which makes them an excellent choice for any happy occasion like birthdays, engagements or promotions. Gerbera daisies happen to be the birth flower associated with people born in April, so a mixed birthday bouquet of gerbera daisies is always an appropriate birthday gift for April babies. When sending daisies as a general well wish with no other intended message, feel free to send a vibrant bouquet that contains several different colors.

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