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Facts on Apple Blossom Flowers

By Sabrina Parrish
Apple blossoms are a reminder that spring is on the way.

Apple blossom flowers are a welcome addition to modern landscapes. Not only are they beautiful to look at, their fragrant blooms can be enjoyed for several weeks, and they give us the juicy fruit we call the apple.


Apple blossom flowers are safe to eat. Consume only blossoms that have not been treated with pesticides.

Famous Ties

The apple blossom is the state flower of both Arkansas and Michigan.


The scientific name of the apple blossom is Pyrus coronaria.


The apple blossom is best known for being white with a hint of pink. However, the color range depends on the variety of apple. The colors can range from a light pink to a dark red.

Fun Fact

The apple blossom is a member of the rose family.


The apple blossom flower contains a cluster of five-petaled blossoms. Each blossom contains 15 to 20 yellow stamens.


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