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Varieties of Hydroponic Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the most popular crop choices among hydroponic gardeners. The tomato plant usually does not flourish when grown indoors or under greenhouse conditions, but many tomatoes thrive in a hydroponic environment. Avoid using determinate types of tomatoes; they grow into bushes and are not ideal for hydroponic gardening. Select disease-resistant, indeterminate, vining types of plants to ensure a successful hydroponic tomato crop.

Cherry Tomatoes

The cherry tomato plant is an ideal choice for any hydroponic garden. The sweet million cherry tomato is a prolific producer, providing gardeners with a petite, sweet, crack-resistant tomato. The sweet gold is not as productive as the sweet million, but the tomato is slightly larger. The sun gold cultivar is orange in color and has a fruity flavor. A newer variety is the sakura. The sakura does not yield a lot of tomatoes, but the fruit is firm and sturdy and keeps well. Favorita cherry tomatoes have an excellent flavor and are nicely shaped. The Conchita is a newer variety and has a firm fruit and a long shelf-life.

Beefsteak Tomatoes

One of the most popular tomato choices in hydroponic gardening is the trust variety of the beefsteak tomato. Trust tomatoes are a high-yield crop, and plants produce a large 7- to 8-oz. tomato that evenly ripens. The jelona yellow is a highly vigorous plant that yields a 6 1/2- to 6 3/4-lb., yellow, firm fruit. Matrix beefsteak tomatoes produce a large, 8 1/2-oz., red fruit. The Geronimo is a new variety that is gaining popularity. The 8 1/2-oz. tomato of the Geronimo is firm and flavorful and grows well in a hydroponic environment. The blitz has a medium-sized tomato and produces crops in the spring and fall.

Cluster Tomatoes

Cluster tomatoes, also known as truss tomatoes, are tomatoes that grow in bunches or clusters on the vine. Several varieties of cluster tomatoes grow well in hydroponic conditions. The Clarance is a heavily productive plant that produces a 5- to 6-oz. tomato that is flavorful and deep red in color. The tradario is a large cluster tomato, 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 oz., and has a long-lasting shelf life. Tricia cluster tomatoes have a 5- to 5 3/4-oz. tomato. The ambiance cultivar produces a mid-sized cluster tomato that is red and richly flavored.

Cocktail Tomatoes

Cocktail tomatoes are slightly larger than cherry tomatoes, and they grow in clusters. The red delight cocktail tomato plant produces a cluster of 10 tomatoes that are deep red and weigh approximately 2 oz. Red delight tomatoes have a long shelf-life and are resistant to cracking. Flavorino cocktail tomatoes are similar to a full-sized roma tomato. They have a rich, full flavor. Seven to nine flavorino tomatoes grow on each truss. The picolino has a small, flavorful fruit that is crack-resistant. Picolino tomatoes keep well. The orangion is a small, orange-colored cocktail tomato, and the goldino is a yellow cocktail tomato.

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