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How to Make a Tree Out of Construction Paper

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Kids can make a simple evergreen tree from construction paper and a few other inexpensive craft supplies. The tree will be three-dimensional and can be placed on shelves or tabletops. Children can easily transform this evergreen tree into a Christmas tree. Teachers and parents may use this project to reinforce lessons about Earth Day or to help children make Christmas decorations. A group of children can assemble its trees into an evergreen forest when it is finished.

Place a sheet of green construction paper in a vertical position on your work surface. Fold the paper in half from top to bottom and make a crease. Unfold the paper and cut it in half along the crease you just made.

Stack the two pieces of construction paper together and place them in a vertical position on your work surface. Fold them in half left to right and make a crease.

Start at the top left corner and draw a line slanting down and to the right. Make the line about 2 inches long. From the end of this line, make another line horizontally and to the left about 1 inch long so that it looks like a check mark turned sideways. Continue making longer and longer lines first downward to the right and then back horizontally to the left until you have half of an evergreen tree drawn on the paper.

Cut the paper along the drawing you just made, keeping the paper folded together. When you open the paper you will have two identical evergreen tree shapes.

Cut a slit in one of the tree shapes along the center crease halfway up from the bottom. Cut a slit in the other tree shape along the center crease halfway down from the top.

Slide the tree shape with the bottom slit over the other tree shape so that they fit together. Put tape at the top where the pieces meet. Put more tape at the bottom where the pieces meet.

Stand the tree up. You may have to crease the tape to make the four sides stand out evenly.


You can decorate your tree by drawing birds, pine cones or other items on it. Add a paper star to the top and colored ornaments to the branches to make a Christmas tree.

Make a larger tree by stacking two sheets of green construction paper together and following Steps 2 through 7.

Make several trees of different sizes to create an evergreen forest.


Make sure the scissors are age-appropriate for the children using them.

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