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How to Label the Parts of a Tulip Flower

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Labeling the parts of a flower, such as a tulip, is easy when you see how each part looks. Each element of a flower performs a special function so that the flower can bloom and sometimes reproduce.

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Look at the whole flower. The long, green stem from which the tulip grows is the stalk. The leaves are green, long and pointed. The petals, forming a cup at the top, come in nearly every color imaginable.

tulip bud image by Marek Chalupnik from

At the base of the blossom are almond-shaped mini-leaves that can be green or splashed with the color of the blossom. These are sepals, which protect the flower when it is a bud.

tulip image by Leonid Nyshko from

Inside the flower is a small, stemlike piece, the pistol, from which pollen travels. At the base of this part is a bulbous shape, or ovary, where pollen is produced. The very top part of the pistol is called the stigma, which traps the pollen until it is ready to be released.

tulip image by Dr.Szirmai János from

Inside the flower are also "stems" called stamen. The bulbous top part of the stamen is called the anther. This is the part of the flower to which bees are attracted. Pollen is gathered here.

Parts Of A Lily Flower

Flowers are more than just a pretty and colorful addition to your garden. Look at the bottom of a whole lily plant. The leaves make food for the plant, which is then stored in the bulb. The sepals are what initially encase the immature flower bud and protect it. There are usually several stamens around the inside of the lily. The anther is the rounded section at the top of each filament. Find the female parts of the flower. The pistil is the large center part of the flower. It is sticky so that it can catch pollen. Using a knife, slice the ovary in half so you can see a cross section. It contains the unfertilized eggs as well as seeds.


Tulips are part of the lily family.

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