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List of Plant Fertilizer Brands

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According to the horticulture and crop science extension of Ohio State University, fertilizing is an important part of plant health care. Fertilizing plants helps supplement what the soil is lacking, and it also replenishes nutrients that leave the soil. Plant fertilizers come in several varieties and types. It is important to test the soil to determine what is needed to amend it. Fertilizers can be inorganic or organic; granulated, powdered, solid or liquid; and contain varying amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The ratio listed on the packaging refers to the percentages of each of those three nutrients.


Jobe's fertilizers come in organic and inorganic varieties. The nutrients are made available through plant spikes or granules. Types such as indoor/outdoor houseplant, outdoor flowering plants and vegetables with various nutrient ratios are available.

Easy Gardener Products, Inc. 3022 Franklin Ave. Waco, TX 76710 254-753-5353


Milorganite fertilizer is an all-purpose organic fertilizer that comes in a granulated form rated 5-2-0. It is rated safe for children and pets, and will not burn plants. Also, unlike many other fertilizers, it does it need to be watered in to work.

Milorganite 260 W. Seeboth St. Milwaukee, WI 53204 800-304-6204

Scotts Miracle-Gro

Miracle-Gro offers a wide array of products, including spikes, granules and liquid fertilizers. Some types are offered for flowers, roses and other specific plants; however, several all-purpose forms are also available. Miracle-Gro is offered in regular and continuous-release varieties.

Scotts Miracle Gro 14111 Scottslawn Rd. Marysville, OH 43041 888-270-3714


Alaska natural, organic fertilizers are made with fish in low-odor formulas. All-purpose and formulas specific for flowers are sold in liquid or granulated versions.

Lilly Miller Brands 1340 Treat Blvd., Suite 650 Walnut Creek, CA 94597 800-265-0761

Nature's Touch

Nature's Touch fertilizers are all-organic and are formulated for all-purpose fertilizing or for specific plants. Acid-loving plant, ornamental plant and vegetable plant types are all offered.

GardenWay LLC P.O. Box 361041 Cleveland, OH 44136 866-295-7030


Bonide makes fertilizers in several formats, including granulated organic fertilizers, fish emulsions and iron concentrates.

Bonide Products Inc. 6301 Sutliff Road Oriskany, NY 13424 315-736-8231

Bayer Advanced

Bayer Advanced fertilizers are manufactured in liquids for roses and flowers, and in spikes for all plants. The fertilizers are all formulated with insect control as well as disease control to keep plants healthy.

Bayer Advanced 2TW Alexander Drive Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 877-229-3724

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