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Watering Instructions for Hydroseeding

By Thomas Edward
Watering hydroseeding
hose on lawn image by Coralie Palmeri from Fotolia.com

Hydroseeding to establish a new lawn consists of a high pressure application of a mixture of seed, fertilizer and water with a brilliant green cellulose blanket or cover. Watering is the most important step as it continues throughout the growth process. Initially, multiple water applications per day are needed to promote germination. The applied green blanket should be sponge damp. Once the grass has sprouted, cut back watering and allow the baby plants to breath oxygen and put their roots down for food. Finally, the grass is ready for maintenance watering depending on the weather conditions and the climate.

The first watering is with the hydroseed application. A solution of water, water-soluble fertilizer, seed and cellulose is blasted into lawn top soil to prepare the new lawn for growth. Wait 24 hours.

Water three times per day during germination to keep the green blanket from turning yellow and dry. Hand application takes time but will work fine. A sprinkler or a series of sprinklers arranged to keep the entire blanket sponge wet may be used. Deploy several tuna cans around your lawn to see how much water is being delivered. The color of the blanket will tell you if spots are being missed. Strive for uniform saturation to support maximum germination of the seed.

Cut back watering frequency in two to three weeks when grass has sprouted. Water once per day. One inch of water over the lawn once a day will increase the oxygen available and force plant roots to grow deep for food. Continue this daily watering for the next several weeks until the lawn is ready for maintenance watering.

Water twice a week for a combination of rain and added water of about two inches depending on the weather conditions and the climate. The application of the water should be gentle and not causing any erosion in the lawn. Automatic sprinkler systems are convenient to preset the daily and weekly watering schedule.


Things You Will Need

  • Grass seed
  • Fertilizer, soluble
  • Water
  • Hoses and nozzles (or sprinklers)
  • Cellulose spray (green)
  • Hydrosprayer
  • Tuna cans


  • The best time to hydroseed is early autumn when the hot sun is beginning to fade.
  • Daily watering should begin around 10 a.m., after the dew has evaporated.


  • Avoid watering after dark. Excessive moisture can produce mold and fungus growth.
  • Do not walk on or pack down the hydroseed cover.
  • No additional fertilizer is needed after the initial hydroseed application.

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