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Bamboo Fencing Ideas

By Isaiah David
Tightly woven bamboo makes an excellent privacy fence.

Bamboo is a woody, fast-growing grass that sprouts into long, straight poles. It is a cheap and durable material used extensively in Asia and is increasing in popularity in America. Bamboo can be used in its natural shape for textured fences or cut and flattened to make uniform screens. Its strength, attractiveness and low cost make bamboo an excellent material for backyard fencing.

Split Cane Bamboo Fence

Flexible, inexpensive and easy-to-install, split cane bamboo fencing is a good solution for an irregularly shaped garden or a tight budget. The fencing section come in roles of split bamboo canes attached by wire. Unroll the fence over a flat section of grass and position it in a zigzag or rounded pattern to increase its stability. Attach the ends of the rolls to fence posts using wire or glue to hold it in place.

Bamboo Stick Fence

A bamboo stick fence is a more solid, durable alternative to the split cane fence. Instead of using rustic looking split canes, a bamboo stick fence uses waterproof twigs of bamboo tightly woven together with wire. This design lets less light through than the split cane fence and creates a more solid panel, perfect for a privacy screen. Attach a bamboo stick fence to an existing chain-link fence to improve privacy without sacrificing security, or attach bamboo stick panels between fence posts to create a free-standing bamboo fence.

Bamboo Panels

A bamboo privacy panel is one of the best options if the goal of your bamboo fence is to block out prying eyes. Individual bamboo slats or poles are attached to horizontal members, creating a solid panel without any gaps. Use these panels as an alternative to traditional wooden fencing to create a solid border around your yard. Alternately, use bamboo panels as a way to divide your large garden into separate areas with varying plants to create different moods.

Traditional Bamboo Fences

Traditional bamboo fences use geometric arrangements of different elements to create an aesthetically pleasing design. Some traditional bamboo fences are too widely-spaced to make workable privacy fences, but all traditional fences create a sturdy and appealing border.

The Kenninji fence is a panel-style fence consisting of vertical slats of green bamboo attached to culm (the jointed hollow stem of a grass or similar plant) to create an attractive textured pattern. The entire privacy fence is built on a solid lattice, making it quite durable. It makes a good privacy fence for surrounding your yard.

The Ryoanji fence is a low, open design perfect for lining a garden walkway. Thick bamboo rails run along the top and the bottom, joined by a decorative pattern of crisscross slats. The entire fence is attached to rails and can be used as a handrail along a walkway.

The Otsu fence is another open-garden design. It consists of horizontal bamboo canes with vertical slats woven in and in a pleasant, crisscross pattern that lets light through.


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