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Flowers That Mean Sorry

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Flowers are viewed throughout the world as a means of expressing emotion from the bearer to the recipient. Flowers are frequently used to express feelings of sorrow, as well as to convey a sense of comfort and consolation, to the receiver of the flowers. Almost every variety of flower has a particular meaning associated with it, and there are several flower varieties considered to specifically symbolize the sentiment "I'm sorry."

Purple Hyacinth

Purple hyacinth is the flower most commonly used to symbolize regret. A bouquet of purple hyacinth expresses the bearer's sadness over a situation and asks for forgiveness. According to the website Meaning Flowers, it can also symbolize the willingness of the bearer to accept an apology and forgive the recipient of the flowers. Purple hyacinth begins to bloom in mid-summer and continues to produce large purple flowers into the fall.


Asphodel, a member of the lily family, can be used to convey several different sentiments. The most common symbolic association is that of "I'm sorry," according to the website I'm Sorry Letters. Indigenous to the Mediterranean and Asia, asphodel begins to blossom aromatic yellow and white flowers in late spring and continues to produce flowers into the early summer.

White Poppy

White poppy is used to express consolation to the recipient, according to the website The Language of Flowers. In giving white poppies, the bearer conveys sorrow and consolation. In Greek mythology, white poppy was created as comfort to Ceres while she searched for her lost daughter, Persephone. To prolong cut life, white poppies should be cut only in the morning when the bulbs are tightly closed. White poppy grows easily in the summer with minimal care.

Scarlet Geranium

There are many different varieties of geraniums, and each symbolizes a different sentiment. According to the Figis Flowers website, the scarlet geranium is representative of consolation and comfort for the recipient. Scarlet geranium are large plants that produce bright red flowers throughout the summer months. They are heat-resistant and grow easily with little care.

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