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How to Repair a Craftsman Leaf Blower

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Repairing a Craftsman leaf blower can be done by first determining what type of problem is occurring with the machine. Problems that you can easily repair on the leaf blower include the engine not starting and the engine not idling or dying when at full throttle. These are problems that can be easily repaired when an adjustment is made to the carburetor. You will first need to prepare the leaf blower and then make an idle speed adjustment.

Preparing the Leaf Blower

Find the idle speed screw and the mixture screw that are located on the backside of the machine. The idle speed screw is on the left and the mixture screw is on the right.

Turn the mixture screw with the screwdriver clockwise until the screw is closed. When you can no longer turn the screw it is fully closed and will need one full turn to the left or counterclockwise to open it.

Turn the idle speed screw clockwise until you can no longer turn the screw and then open it. Turn the screw three full turns to the left or counterclockwise to open it.

Making Idle Speed Adjustment

Pull the starter cord on the machine until it starts and let it run for about three minutes. This will allow the engine to get warm.

Set the throttle knob from the "half-choke" position to the “idle” position.

Turn the idle speed screw counterclockwise until the engine idles without stalling. If the engine begins to sputter, or you think it might stall, turn the idle screw clockwise a quarter of a turn.


Clean or replace the air filter to improve engine power and performance.

A bad spark plug can cause the engine not to start.


Use the correct oil to gas ratio so the engine runs properly.

If the seals appear worn on the crankshaft you will need to contact the Craftsman Service Center for repairs.

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