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How to Clean a Christmas Tree Skirt Made of Felt

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Cleaning a Christmas tree skirt made of felt can be a tricky process, particularly if it has been in your home for years. It is important to wash felt tree skirts carefully so they will not shrink or fade.

Handwash your felt Christmas tree skirt in a sink or bucket filled with lukewarm water. Be sure to use a mild detergent such as those formulated to clean baby clothes, or use a mild liquid dish detergent.

Avoid using a lot of agitation or harshly rubbing the tree skirt. Gently swish the skirt into the sudsy solution, taking care to rub it only in areas where there are stains.

Drain the sink or bucket and fill it again with lukewarm or cool water. Rinse the skirt thoroughly by swishing it gently through the water.

Place your laundered tree skirt into your washing machine. Run it on the spin cycle only, to extract excess water from the fabric. You may also place it between some clean, thick, dry towels to remove excess moisture. Press down on the towels firmly.

Gently shake your felt tree skirt to rid it of wrinkles. Do not use an iron on it unless the fabric care label suggests doing so.

Drape the felt tree skirt over a wooden clothes-drying rack or on a clothesline, preferably one that is indoors to avoid fading from sunlight. Store the skirt for the next winter once it is dry.

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