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Sycamore Tree Uses

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Sycamores are a common tree found in most of the eastern half of the United States. They are found as far north as Michigan and as far south as Florida. The sycamore tree grows well in many conditions and can be found in a variety of environments. The sycamore distribution is plentiful, but the trees have limited commercial value.

Commercial Use

Sycamore trees are not highly valued commercially. The wood is not very strong and breaks easily. This makes sycamore wood not very useful in building furniture. It may be found in some less expensive pieces of furniture, but will not hold up to pressure or high usage for very long. Sycamore wood is sometimes used inside other furniture to make drawer sides or the backs of dressers. Sycamore wood is inexpensive and makes a good choice for disposable wood products such as boxes, crates and skids. The trees grow quickly, providing a cheap source of disposable wood and firewood.

Wildlife Habitat

Sycamore trees can provide shelter to wildlife. Birds like to make nests in the branches. Other animals, such as squirrels or beavers can find a home in the hollow trunks of older or dead trees. Sycamore trees also provide food. Small mammals will eat the fruit, deer may eat the leaves and birds enjoy the seeds.

Other Uses

Sycamores are one of the quickest growing residential trees available. They may grow up to 6 feet per year and often reach a height of more than 100 feet. They are a good choice for landscaping and provide a lot of shade. Sycamores may be used in home landscaping as well as in public areas. They are often planted along river banks or lake shores. Their roots intertwine and help to prevent soil erosion. Sycamores can grow in soils that are acidic or saturated with water. Their presence helps stabilize the soil.

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