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Series Vs. Parallel Circuit for Christmas Lights

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Christmas lights add a festive environment to your home or business during the holidays. They can adorn your Christmas tree inside or hang outside on shrubs and trees.You can hook them up in series or in parallel.

Series Lights

Series lighting resembles a loop. A wire goes from one side of the wall socket to one side of the first bulb, and then from the other side to the next bulb and so on, and then back to the wall socket.

Parallel Lights

In parallel lighting, the two wires from the wall socket connect to the two contacts on the first bulb. Then the same two wires extend on to the next bulb, and then the next continuing on to the last bulb.


Many parallel lights have a second outlet at the end of the string for extending with another lighting string. But you cannot extend or add on to series lights.

Burned-Out Bulbs

One burned-out bulb in a parallel system will not affect the other bulbs. But in a series system, a burned-out bulb opens the circuit and shuts off all the lights.

Best Uses

Since series lights make a loop, they may work better around the Christmas tree. Parallel lights may work better inside along a banister or outside along the eaves.


Both series and parallel Christmas lights may have small, harmless looking wiring. But they still carry 120 volts from the wall socket and can deliver a severe shock if not handled properly.

Hang Christmas Lights On Metal

Christmas lights can add a little sparkle, as well as illuminations, to a variety of different decors both inside and outside of your home. Use tape to hang your Christmas lights on metal indoors. Clear packing tape can hold your lights to a metal surface without damaging the surface or the lights. Hang lights on hooks attached to suction cups on most outdoor metal surfaces. Retailers who sell lights also will sell bags of suction cups with hooks. Remove the zip ties with scissors at the end of the holiday season.

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