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How to Tune Up a Tecumseh Engine

Completing an engine tune-up regularly will help keep your engine running well and reliably. There are three components to complete a Tecumseh engine tune-up: changing the spark plug, changing the oil and replacing the paper air filter. Along with using fresh fuel that has been treated with a fuel stabilizer, completing a tune-up will keep your engine in good shape year after year. The parts you will need are available from your local service dealer or one of many online parts dealers.

Replace the spark plug every year or after every 100 operating hours. When the engine is cold, disconnect the spark plug wire and loosen the spark plug with a spark plug socket and a ratcheting wrench. Discard the old spark plug and insert a new plug into the spark plug hole. Thread the spark plug by hand and tighten the new plug with a spark plug socket and a ratcheting wrench.

Change the oil after the first two operating hours, the break-in period, and every 25 operating hours after that. Start the engine and allow it to fun for a few minutes. Warm oil flows more easily than cold oil. Open the drain plug at the base of the engine and loosen the oil fill cap. Drain the oil into an approved used oil container. Replace the oil drain plug and remove the oil fill cap. Add SAE 30 oil to the engine. Use the included dipstick to check the oil level often. Do not add too much or too little oil to the reservoir. Wipe any spilled oil away from the fill and the drain area with a paper towel.

Remove and replace the old paper air filter annually or after every 100 operating hours. Turn the air filter cover counter clockwise (to the left) to remove the cover. Pull the old paper filter away from the engine and off of the flange. Push a new paper filter into place on the flange. Wash any debris and dirt off of the filter cover with warm water and allow the cover to air dry before reinstalling it. Line the tabs on the cover up with the slots on the flange. Insert the tabs onto the slots, press the cover towards the engine, and turn the cover clock wise (to the right).

Do not make any other adjustments to the engine or to the carburetor. There are no high altitude adjustments that can or need to be made below 7,000 feet. Those adjustments should only be made by an authorized service dealer. If you attempt to make any adjustments yourself, your warranty may be voided.

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