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How to Increase Water Pressure In My Garden

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If you cannot water some of your garden plants because they are out too far to reach with your hose, increasing the water pressure might make the difference. Increasing the water pressure will also increase the area a sprinkler covers, making it easier to water your garden. Fortunately, if your garden hose has lower-than-normal water pressure, there are a few things you can do to increase it yourself before calling in the plumber.

Check for leaks in your hose. Lay your hose out along the garden and turn on the water. Closely examine the hose from beginning to end for any leaks. Replace the hose or fix the leaks to increase water pressure.

Look at your main water valve to be sure it is all the way on. This is often located in a basement, near the hot water heater or near your outdoor spigot. Sometimes it is inaccessible to the homeowner or hard to get to. (It might be drywalled in, for example.)

Adjust the pressure regulator to emit more water per square inch (psi)--45 to 60 psi is average. A pressure regulator is often found under the spigot nearest the front of the home, and while you can often adjust it yourself, it is safest if a plumber does it.

Connect the hose to the spigot securely. No water should be coming out at the spigot. Disconnect the hose and connect again. If you are unable to get a good connection, it is time to buy a new hose with a new connector.

Water at a different time of day. You may be using your garden hose during peak water usage hours. Mornings and evenings in areas with city water are times when water pressure may be at its lowest point.

Attach a high-pressure sprayer to the end of your hose. The smaller the opening of the sprayer, the greater the water pressure.

Hire a plumber to check for leaks, erosion and the integrity of your valves, and to see if mineral deposits are slowing down the water pressure. He will also check your regulator, see if you have any water restrictors installed and check and remedy any other things that could help increase your watering pressure; he might install a water pressure booster in your home, for example.

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