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How to Build a Milky Spore Tube Dispenser

By Kimberly Johnson

Spread milky spore across the surface of your lawn to counteract Japanese beetle infestations. Milky spore is a fungus that kills the Japanese beetles and their larva by acting as a natural pesticide. Because you need to spread milky spore evenly across your lawn, you must use a dispenser. Although you can purchase dispenser tubes at any home improvement or garden center, making a dispenser is much easier and cheaper.

Place a one pound coffee can upside down on a sturdy surface so that the bottom faces upward.

Place the point of a nail on the bottom of the can and use a hammer to pound the nail 1/4 inch into the can to create a hole. Remove the nail from the can and place it in another location on the can bottom. Continue creating approximately 15 evenly spaced holes in the bottom of the can.

Turn the can over so that the bottom is resting on the surface. Place a 4-foot-long stake along the side of the can and attach it to the can using professional strength glue. Make sure that the bottom of the stake is slightly above the bottom of the coffee can. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.

Remove the lid from the coffee can and fill it with milky spore. Place the lid back on top of the coffee container to prevent the milky spore from spilling out.


Things You Will Need

  • Coffee can, 1 pound
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • 4-foot-long stake
  • Glue, professional strength
  • Milky spore


  • To use the dispenser, simply hold onto the stake and tap the surface of the lawn to dispense a round circle of milky spore. The Resources section contains a link explaining detailed application techniques.

About the Author


Kimberly Johnson is a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in various online publications including eHow, Suite101 and Examiner. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Georgia and began writing professionally in 2001.