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How to Rent a Lift to Trim Trees

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Most homeowners simply don't have enough trees that need trimming on their land to justify the expense and storage of a lift for safe trimming. But if you have even one tree near the house, you're bound to need one at some point. Using a lift is a much safer alternative to tree climbing with a chain saw or other improvised solutions that may cause injury or worse. Understanding how to go about renting a lift can make the process of trimming a tree safer, easier and cheaper than hiring a tree-cutting service to do it for you.

Set your ladder up next to the tree that needs trimming and use the measuring tape to gauge the height you'll need to reach in the lift. Don't assume that reaching the branches on your ladder means you don't need a lift; one misstep on a ladder can cause serious injury, not to mention the hazard of falling limbs and branches.

Look up all of the equipment rental locations in your area. Call and inquire as to the availability of the kind of lift you'll need. Check on height, as well as stability features that might allow it to remain level on uneven terrain. Ask if they give demonstrations, and only rent from a location that does.

Inspect the lift carefully upon pickup. Check for dents, scratches and other blemishes that are already existent. Make note of these prior to use so that there is a record of the condition of the machine prior to your using it. Have an employee demonstrate that it is fully functioning.

Use the lift only according to the safety instructions from the rental store. Make sure the rental store knows exactly what you intend to do with it so that they can make the right recommendation for your job.

Return the lift promptly once the job is finished so that you can avoid any late fees or extra rental days.

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