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How to Replace a Poulan Chainsaw Oil Pump

By Eric Blankenburg
Replace the oil pump on your chainsaw.
cutting with chainsaw image by KtD from Fotolia.com

The oil pump on a Poulan chainsaw delivers oil from the tank to the bar, keeping the chain properly lubricated. If the oil pump isn’t working correctly, you will likely notice difficulties when trying to cut with the saw. An improperly lubricated chain can cause excessive friction on the bar and inside the engine, which can result in serious harm to the piston or engine. Replacing the oil pump on a Poulan saw will require the proper tools and prior knowledge of small engines.

Use the wrench to remove the bar nuts, and use the screwdriver to loosen the chain’s tension. Take off the clutch cover, bar and chain. Set them aside in a safe place.

Remove the rubber plug from the spark plug. Take out the spark plug, and insert the piston stop tool into the spark plug hole, which is required to block the piston from turning the crankshaft so you can remove the clutch.

Drain all of the oil from the oil tank. Use the screwdriver to remove the metal automatic oiler cover, which feeds oil from the pump to the bar and is located near where the bar connects to the engine.

Use the screwdriver to remove the bolt that holds the clutch assembly onto the crankshaft. Pull off the clutch plate if there is one. If your Poulan uses an inboard clutch system, remove the clutch drum and drum sprocket at this time.

Use the clutch removal tool, designed by Poulan, to loosen the clutch’s locking bolt. Poulan saws use a left-hand thread; to loosen, screw it clockwise.

Remove the bolt, and pull off the clutch assembly from the crankshaft. If your Poulan uses an outboard clutch system, pull off the clutch drum and drum sprocket at this time. Underneath is the pump housing.

Use the Allen wrench or star wrench to remove the oil pump’s mounting screws. On some models, you may also have to remove the chain brake and upper handle to access the oil pump housing. Pull off the oil pump’s cover.

Pull the oil pump from its housing, and disconnect the plunger from the engine.

Install the new oil pump following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Lubricate the worm drive and spring drive, and plug in the new oil pump.


Things You Will Need

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Piston stop tool
  • Clutch removal tool
  • Allen wrench or star wrench


  • If in doubt about disassembling the saw and oil pump, take your Poulan saw to a certified mechanic.


  • Do not use the saw's starter cord to block the piston, which can cause serious damage to the engine and mufflers exhaust ports.
  • Improper installation of oil pump can result in serious engine damage.

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