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How to Prevent Ducks From Getting in Swimming Pools

By James Wiley
Ducks prefer open water.
Swimming pool and pool house image by Jim Mills from Fotolia.com

In the spring and summertime, ducks have an annoying habit of taking over private pools when no one is around. Ducks will leave feathers in your pool, as well as generate waste which will make your pool both unhealthy, unsightly, and odorous. Luckily, there are several easy steps to prevent ducks from landing in your pool and treating it like their own personal pond. If you do not have a pool cover, measure the dimensions of your pool and consider buying one, as it would greatly discourage ducks from entering the water.

Pull a pool cover over the pool when it is not in use, if you have one. Ducks will not be able to get past a full length pool cover, nor will they try to, as they prefer open water.

Put floats, rafts and other aquatic toys in the pool, filling up as much of the open water as possible. Ducks do not like obstructed water, and all the objects will make it appear like the pool is in use, which is also a major deterrent to ducks.

Stretch safety ropes across the pool at various angles. This will fool the ducks into thinking that the water of the pool is full.

Let your dog in the backyard often during the spring and summer, if you have one. Dogs will bark at, chase, and scare away ducks, and after a few encounters the ducks will likely be unwilling to go near the pool.


Things You Will Need

  • Pool cover
  • Floats
  • Safety pool rope

About the Author


James Wiley graduated from Providence College in 2009 as a double major in global studies and Spanish. Wiley's capstone thesis paper was published in the Providence College database. He has also competed in international script-writing competitions and coauthored a pilot which placed in the top 15 percent of international entries over the past year.