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How to Clean the Carburetor on a 6.5 Toro Lawn Mower

By Mark O'Brien
gazon image by Claudio Calcagno from Fotolia.com

After storing your Toro lawn mower all winter, there is a good chance that the carburetor is gummed up with old gas. Cleaning the carburetor is much easier than it sounds. Once you clean your Toro carburetor, clean gas can easily flow into the carb and be injected into your engine so it can run smoothly. Cleaning the carburetor yourself will save you the $50 or more (2010 prices) a mechanic would charge.

Locate the gas line running from under your Toro gas tank to the side of the carburetor.

Squeeze the clamp holding the gas line to the side of the carburetor. Slide the clamp down the gas line several inches. Pull the hose off, and direct the gas line into the bucket to catch any excess gas.

Spray carb cleaner into the side gas entry hole of the carburetor for 10 seconds. Replace the hose, and clamp it in place.

Unscrew the fuel bowl from the base of the carburetor with the screwdriver. Dump any gas in it into the bucket. Spray carb cleaner into the fuel bowl and on the float contained in the fuel bowl.

Screw the fuel bowl back in place. Fill the mower with new gas.


Things You Will Need

  • Pliers
  • Bucket
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Carb cleaner spray
  • Gas

About the Author


Mark O'Brien started his professional writing career in 2000 at the "Newman Grove Reporter" newspaper. He was an English tutor while in school and earned an Associate of Arts in English from Northeast Community College. O'Brien indulges his mechanical side by fixing mowers part-time.