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Ideas on Decorating a Money Tree

By Phee Paradise ; Updated August 31, 2017
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Whether your money tree is for a shower, wedding or anniversary party, it will probably start out bare and ultimately be covered by bills. By decorating it with colors and attachments that coincide with the theme of your celebration, you can make it fit in with the other decorations.


The base of the tree will not be covered by money, so it is the part that stands out the most. A simple but attractive base is a ceramic pot or bowl in the appropriate colors. If you want to hide the filler you used to hold the tree in place, cover it with crumpled tissue paper or a piece of fabric that matches your table cloth. Paint a clay pot and fill it with attractive rocks or colored sand for a customized base. Or you can cover the entire pot with fabric and tie it in place with a fabric ribbon.


A simple way to decorate the bare branches is to spray them with gold or silver paint, or with a color that matches the party theme. If you don’t have time for the paint to dry, wrap the branches with colored ribbon or tie a small bow to the end of each branch. If you want to emphasize the money theme, use dollar bills as decorations. Make them into a chain to hang on the tree or fold each like a fan and hold them in place on a branch with a ribbon. If you have a lot of time, fold the dollar bills into an origami swan or other object and attach them to the tree.


Use decorative elements for the guests to attach their money to the tree. Go to an office supply store and look among the variety of clips for colors or styles that will fit your theme. A two-inch metal paperclip can be bent at one end into a hook to hang from the branches. If your branches are large enough you can use plastic shower rings and pinch the bills between the ends. Punch a hole in the corner of small decorated envelopes and make them available to the guests for their money. String narrow ribbon through each hole to tie the envelope to the tree or attach them with paper clips.


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