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How to Remove the Engine From a Riding Mower

By Mark O'Brien

If you want to rebuild your riding lawn mower engine, or it is broken, you must remove the engine from the mower frame. This is harder than it sounds, as there is a variety of connections from the engine to the mower. Removing the engine yourself will save the few hundred dollars a mechanic would charge.

Follow the fuel hose from the base of your gas tank to the carburetor on the side of the lawn mower engine. The hose will be clamped onto the carburetor. Squeeze the clamp with the pliers and slide it up the hose a few inches. Pull the hose off the carburetor and direct the hose into the bucket. Allow all the gas to flow out.

Locate the throttle linkage. It should be right under the carburetor. A cable from the gas petal or throttle will be screwed into this location. Use the correct type of screwdriver to unscrew the throttle linkage cable.

Locate the riding lawn mower starter if it is an electric start mower. The starter will be on the side of the engine and will look like a pop can. Unscrew the red cable bolted to the side of the starter with the proper size wrench.

Place the correct size wrench on top of the bolts holding the base of the engine to the riding lawn mower frame. The wrench on top will prevent the bolt from spinning when you remove the nut. Unscrew the nuts off the bolts located on the underside of the riding lawn mower frame.

Lean the engine forward. Slip the belt off the pulley on the crankshaft coming out of the base of the engine.

Pick up the engine and set it off the mower frame.


Things You Will Need

  • Pliers
  • Bucket
  • Wrench set
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver

About the Author


Mark O'Brien started his professional writing career in 2000 at the "Newman Grove Reporter" newspaper. He was an English tutor while in school and earned an Associate of Arts in English from Northeast Community College. O'Brien indulges his mechanical side by fixing mowers part-time.