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Winter Wonderland Centerpiece Ideas

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Winter brings weddings, banquets, balls and dances, some of which may cause a hostess to scratch her head as she tries to come up with winter wonderland centerpiece ideas. Decorating a wintertime table offers an opportune time to bring out strands of white lights, painted branches, favorite holiday ornaments and candles. A trip to the local craft store will stimulate your thinking as you discover new types of beads and baubles. A trip to your attic or flea market often turns up vintage ornaments and strings of beads just waiting for you to fashion them into a tabletop centerpiece for the next special event with a winter theme.

Crystal Trees

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Winter wonderland themes call for ice-covered trees, shimmering with crystals and newly fallen snow. Use white tablecloths sprinkled generously with artificial snow. At the center of each table, place a planter or terra cotta pot covered in gold or silver fabric or shimmering metallic paper. Fill pots with sand or floral foam. Stick bare, spray-painted white tree branches into the filler. Lightly spray branches with hair spray or adhesive. Dust lightly with iridescent or silver glitter. Suspend crystal beads, either clear or in ice blue, pink, gold or silver, from the branches. Beads come in pendant drops, beaded ropes or chains, stars and even snowflakes. Surround the base with strings of white lights or clusters of small, snow-frosted pinecones, holly leaves or magnolia leaves painted white.


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Crystal bowls and clear glass vases provide inexpensive and readily available containers for winter wonderland centerpieces. Available in an array of price ranges and sizes, crystal containers dress up for elegant occasions and down for less formal ones. Frost edges with granulated sugar, or spray artificial snow. Fill with sparkly ornaments from your holiday collection. Ice blue, pink, gold, silver and white lend themselves to a winter wonderland theme.

Float candles in glass vases filled with crushed ice and pink or blue water. Intertwine snowflake garlands along the bases. Sprinkle artificial snow around the vases.


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Sleighs of all sizes glide across snow-covered hills and fields. Sleighs fashioned from grapevine, wire, wood and gold or silver mesh can help serve as your winter wonderland centerpiece. Fill them with mistletoe, holly, hydrangeas, carnations, pinecones, or other winter flowers or greenery. Arrange stacks of your loveliest holiday ornaments in white, gold, silver or ice blue inside sleighs on your table. Set candles or votive tea lights around them. Add silver or white snowflakes.

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