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Flowers That Say I'm Sorry

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You did something bad and now you’re sleeping on the couch. The silent treatment has backfired, various peace offerings have gone ignored, you have done more than your share of chores, and more--still, nothing. Perhaps this situation calls for something simple yet classy. Victorian gentlemen elevated giving flowers into an art form that had women swooning as they tried to figure out what the bouquet meant. Apologize with flowers, but make sure you send the right message.

Daffodil, White Chrysanthemum, Purple Hyacinth Bouquet

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Saying sorry with a single rose on sale can get you into even more trouble. Your partner wants sincerity, and a little creativity can help. Doing research and coming up with your own bouquet expresses sincere apologies. Make sure you hand over the bouquet with a simple note that includes your apology, what exactly you’re apologizing for, and what each type of flower means. A prompt apology always has a better chance of making things better. Come up with a bouquet that includes three stems of white chrysanthemum flowers to express truthfulness, three stems of daffodils to express respect for your partner, and six stems of purple hyacinths to express your sorrow-filled apology and ask for forgiveness. Get your flower colors right, as different colors of the same flower can mean different things.

Red Rose, Deep Red Rose, Cinnamon Rose Bouquet

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Cute and colorful bouquets often prove inadequate when your partner has not spoken to you in a week. By that point, the situation has turned from serious to dire. While many apologetic guys give bunches of roses, you need to make your bouquet work harder for your cause. A dozen red roses means gratitude, a bouquet of 25 means congratulations, and a bouquet of 50 well-trimmed red roses means unconditional love. Now that you know a dozen won’t cut it, start working on your 50 red roses. Add six stems of deep red roses to tell your partner that you feel ashamed about the wrong you have done. Adding another six stems of cinnamon roses says that your apology comes without pretensions. Remember to include your handwritten note and make sure you choose your words well.

Daisy, Forget-Me-Not, Mauve Bouquet

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This third bouquet on our list makes the perfect combination if you really, almost irrevocably, screwed it up. A good combination for this bouquet comprises five stems of daisies, which express unwavering loyalty and love; six stems of Forget-Me-Nots, which signify faithful love and the sweet memories you share; and finally, a single stem of the mauve flower, which asks the question “Do you still love me?” Appear in your best and pray for a favorable answer. If forgiven, make sure you follow through with your promise not to mess things up again.

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