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Which Bugs Are Attracted to a Bug Zapper?

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Everyone hates those pesky insects that interfere with our outdoor social plans. Bug zappers do a pretty job taking care of the tiny critters. But have you ever wondered exactly which insects bug zappers kill?


Most mosquitos are not attracted to UV light sources, according to and a famous 1996 study by D.W. Tallamy. The article also explains that the deaths of the harmless insects that are attracted to bug zappers could have environmental repercussions. Bug zappers are not recommended for a mosquito problem. Wear insect repellents instead and/or use a bug zapper that emits Octenol, a non-toxic scent that's free of pesticides.


Flies appear to be attracted to bug zappers.

Other Insects

Bug zappers attract many flying insects, such as wasps. Insects that primarily feed off humans, such as mosquitos and gnats, tend to not be attracted to light. They prefer the smell of living animals–or humans–and the heat they emit.

A Quick Warning

Your bug zapper may actually attract additional insects such as moths and beetles, which can cause a bigger problem in the long run.

Hang A Bug Zapper

A summer day can quickly be ruined by too many insects in your yard. Hanging a bug zapper can be as simple as selecting the appropriate model and spending a little time installing it. The two biggest factors to be taken into account with this decision are size and power. On the other hand, neighborhood block parties will require a more industrial-strength unit. Determine the method that you will use to hang the bug zapper. If the bug zapper will be hung from a tree or shepherd’s staff, run the cord along the tree or staff and along the ground toward the power outlet.

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