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How To Get Rid of Pesky Squirrels from Trees

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Squirrels are members of the Sciuridae family. They can grow up to 29 inches long with a maximum weight of 18 lbs. You can distinguish a squirrel from other rodents by its bushy tail and big eyes. In the wild, squirrels use trees for shelter and food. Unfortunately, this means that if a squirrel finds a tree in your backyard, it may decide to come back again and again. If your tree is a fruit tree, the squirrel can do some serious damage. You will want to take action and keep that pesky squirrel out of your tree.

Remove any extra food sources from your tree. If you nailed a bird house to the tree, or if your kids hung a bird seeded pine cone to the tree, you will want to remove them. Squirrels love to feast on bird seed, and this could be what is attracting the squirrels in the first place.

Spray the tree with fox urine. The fox is a predator of the squirrel. Squirrels will smell the urine and think that a fox is nearby. They will stay away from the tree. Just make sure you reapply the fox urine every two weeks, or after a rainfall.

Cover the bottom of the tree with metal sheeting. The squirrels will not be able to latch on to anything with their claws, and will not be able to get up the tree to do any damage.

Trap the squirrels by baiting a squirrel trap with peanut butter. Then transport the squirrels to a nearby park or zoo.

Use a squirrel repellent that contains the active ingredient thiram. Be aware that this a chemical repellent, but it is highly effective if your other methods are not working. Spray the squirrel repellent around the base of the tree up to the first set of branches to keep the squirrels away.


Make sure you cut back any nearby tree branches. Otherwise, the squirrel will jump from those branches and end up on your tree.


Never shoot or kill a squirrel. This is not humane, and many states have laws against this.

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