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How to Heat Small Pools

By Bailey Shoemaker Richards

Heating a swimming pool can be a challenge in the early spring and throughout the summer. The water is generally 10 to 20 degrees colder than the air around it, and the cold sensation when getting into the water can prevent some people from swimming. Fortunately, you can heat your small swimming pool and maintain a warmer temperature throughout the summer. The simplest way to help raise the temperature is to ensure that the pool is installed in direct sunlight. Once the pool is in place, there are a few other strategies you can employ.

Place a solar cover over your pool. Solar covers are thick, dark, floating covers that collect and trap heat in the water. Begin using a solar cover when you open your pool in the spring. This helps increase the effectiveness of the cover.

Place the solar cover on the pool during the day when the pool is not in use. Cover the pool every time people stop swimming. A pool will heat up most during the sunniest portion of the day, and using the solar cover helps increase that heat.

Cover the pool at night to prevent heat from escaping. Although water cools at night, a solar cover can help prevent some heat loss.

Install a pool heater. Purchase a heater sized appropriately for your pool and follow all instructions when installing and using it. Turn the pool heater on at night. This will help retain the water's heat overnight.


Things You Will Need

  • Solar cover
  • Water heater

About the Author


Bailey Shoemaker Richards is a writer from Ohio. She has contributed to numerous online and print publications, including "The North Central Review." Shoemaker Richards also edits for several independent literary journals and the Pink Fish Press publishing company. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing from Ohio University.