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What Tree Has Fuzzy Pink Blooms?

Image by, courtesy of Mercedes Ramirez Guerrero

Ornamental flowering trees are great to have in your landscape. They provide an accent that goes a step beyond your everyday flower garden. If you're looking for an interesting tree with fuzzy pink blooms, that can be found, along with some nice alternatives.

The Smoke Tree

The smoke tree is a large shrub that can be trained into a small tree. It boasts tiny yellow-green flowers that have long, plumy hairs that are pinkish and that look distinctly fuzzy, according to the University of Connecticut Horticulture Department.

The Mimosa Tree

The mimosa tree is a showy tree that grows to 40 feet tall and has fragrant pink flowers that resemble pom-poms. As lovely as the mimosa tree is, it is considered an invasive, and is on the Plant Conservation Society's "Least Wanted List." Suggested alternatives include serviceberry, redbud and flowering dogwood.

Where to Plant

In the front yard, plant your fuzzy-blossomed tree near your front entrance to direct visitor's eyes to your front door. In the back yard, plant the tree where you can enjoy a view of it from your patio and from inside your home.

Complementary Plant

Perennial or annual flowers that bloom in the same color group as your tree will complement it, as will flowers and short ornamental grasses with fluffy textured blossoms.

Other Trees With Interesting Blooms

The fringe tree is a large shrub that can be trained as a small tree. It features white flowers in the summer that have a distinct fringed appearance.

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